Trump has been under intermittent mind control since 3rd debate

When Trump publicly derided his VP Mike Pence on stage, a point was turned for the Indianna Governor and 800 year old undead sorcerer Mikapenz. While Mikapenz and The Council were counting on Reptonald's charismatic unpredictability to rally the voters, they knew at some point he had to be reeled in. Trump's use of twitter along with his public declaration of "grabbing pussy." Said "pussy grabbing" video is rumored to have been released by the Trump camp as a final fuck you to the Bush Family getting Billy fired from his crappy TV gig.

Is the Mind Control strong enough for Trump?

Mikapenz was recently asked by one of his consulates (who also happens to be an avid reader of the paranoid echo chamber) if Trump is breaking free to which Mikapenz lifted his willowy frame over the cup of virgin blood he was drinking to laugh in deep heartless abyss of a laugh in which all light and joy in the room was extinguished. "Trump has yet to see a fraction of my true might. We need him to win the people, I cannot do that alone with this mortal shell." Mikapenz is said to have recently called in a witch doctor to try and get Melania to stay in the white house. Melania may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but she and her people do have a legacy of dealing with liches, vampires and the council. Her son Barron is in jeopardy of being accidentally snuffed away in the night by one of Mikapenz' uncontrollable Aura of Despair which can kill the elderly and young children.

Will the Trump Twitter Rants Ever End?

Pence is said to be undisturbed by the rumblings on the internet, which he finds to be "primitive" compared to the Council's astral plane which they use to meet, congregate, shop and download music movies (to their USB drives, from computers on the astral plane.) So for the forseeable future, no they will keep going. Until Mikapenz is forced to pull out his higher level magic.

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