Reptonald Presidential Inauguration will reveal Reptilian Agenda

The Reptilian dominance ritual is complete, the loud fire explosions have sufficiently dazzled the onlookers. Reptonald is now ready address crowd off pissed off liberals & Trump staffers later today at Washington Mall. Using his subsonic Reptilian glands on his  hidden within his Reptilian mouth to send out a simultaneous subsonic message in his native Reptilian revealings his agenda. This subsonic broadcast will be heard by all Reptilians unbeknownst to the  humans listening in. His subsonic message has been intercepted and will be thus:

“Bow before the might of Reptonald. All who stand in the way of our Reptilian uprising will be dealt with accordingly. Fear the almighty power of Reptonald or face my wrath. ”

Reptonald’s Presidency: Any hope at all?

While most are still playing the “game” that Reptonald has laid out for the public: A confounding, seemingly awful human being is now humorously toying with America by leading it’s people via Twitter. 

This is clearly a diversion from his real political and financial dealings. The press has been easily amused by Trump to the point of near idiocy, lapping up as many cheap diversions as they possibly can. Hopefully now that he is President and will be judged on his actions, rather than words, the fog will begin to clear and the non stop “talk” will cease. It’s important to actually focus on what he’s really doing, and what his cabinet is really doing than be delighted by the press.

Will Reptillary rise again to fight, if not impeach?

While Reptillary may be defeated, she will be at the Inauguration in attendance. Slowly over time she is rumored to have gained her strength back by draining countless vital fluids from joggers in the woods, she will rise to fight. By becoming Mayor of NYC she will “own” the land that Trump’s young son Barron and wife Melania will be residing in. This would give her the tactical edge, kidnapping his wife and kids, to proceed with the legislation for filing an impeachment. In addition to the impeachment word is also brewing of an incoming coup, which may or may not be lead by Reptonald’s oldest rival: ROSIE O DONNELL.