Most people want to their president to be seen as unflappably calm, composed under pressure while empathetically comforting the victims of a tragedy. Our Reptilian President shocked the country yet again with a stunning lack of empathy on a recent humanitarian mission to Puerto Rico, attempting to recreate a Reptilian feeding ritual with throwing paper towels.

Reptilian brains have evolved to reduce the empathetic part of their brain to make room for a heightened drive for superiority and dominance. In his own way, Reptonald thought he was being empathetic – displaying dominance and offering “aid” to his supporters. Through a direct transfer of goods from his hand he was able to maintain the appearance of visual dominance.

For Reptilians the ultimate sign of display is to throw a tiny piece of meat at your followers you, like a mother bird that is as far as empathy goes to the reptilian brain. This “direct transfer of power” is as close to an act of kindness as the reptilian brain can allow.

reptilian feeding ridual

We wonder why Donald Trump does the things he does because we are comparing human empathy with reptilian empathy. Rep Chilean’s think what Trump has done offering to lower their debt potentially was the ultimate act of empathy into them that was the kindest thing that could ever do for humans meanwhile saw the picture of the mayor of San one as the ultimate act of empathy.

The active feeding your followers throwing out pieces of me or discarded quirks that you’ve killed is considered as charitable as walking an old lady across the street. In the rep Tilia in mind frame you can never show weakness so to hug to lower oneself isn’t considered empathetic it’s considered weak.

  The only way to remain strong as a Reptilian is to never let anyone see you as anything else but powerful and in control. The way to show  empathy is to alleviate your dominance and control and offer a mild concession of your boot off their throat as the ultimate compassion. The ultimate compassion for a reptilian is applying slightly less pressure to their boot on your throat, anything else is a weakness.

Reptilians assume that everyone is out to get everyone else and that there is no such thing as kindness. The only kindness A reptilian can show is a twinge of mercy or debt forgiveness mid thrust of the knife into your heart.