Mike Pence is an 800 year old undead sorcerer; getting tired of Trump’s childish antics

Mike Pence or Mikapenz as he’s known amongst his contemporaries on the Council is a reanimated corpse of the Icelandic Sorcerer King Mikapenz. For the past 800 years the Undead Sorcerer now known as Mike Pence has been a member of The Council, but he’s never held a high position of power amongst the council. For even by a committee of undead world leaders, Mikapenz was seen as a backwards conservative unfit for a seat on the council.

Will Pence use his arsenal of spells to “deal” with unruly Reptonald?

Pence has been casting boldness spells during the campaign and fear spells now that he’s won to scare him into making bad Cabinet pick choices.
It’s only a matter of time before the Undead Mage breaks his cool (or warm in his case) and reverts to his true undead form. In case that event should arise the Council have sent in “sleepers” to be on staff to erase and reprogram anyone who sees his true form will be programmed. The Council have one more trick up their sleeve, thermonuclear weapons strong enough to obliterate DC and temporarily lower the shield over the Reptilian mothership.

Reptilian Reptonald no match for Undead Sorcerer Pence

Although Trump has publicly challenged Pence, Pence is unafraid due to his deep control of Reptonald J Trump. Pence has been enchanting his undead body for 800 years, while Trump was spawned a short 200 years ago and left the mothership a long time ago. If it ever came to blows behind the scenes Pence would stop Reptonald’s heart in his chest and ascend to power. The reason he won’t do it immediately is for Trump to drudge up as much public ire as possible before “the transition.”

Mike Pence doesn’t want to stop abortion, he NEEDS to stop abortion

A little known fact amongst the living community, but the life of an infant is more precious to an undead sorcerer than any other form of human life. For Pence to maintain his infinite Undead Sorcerer life he must corrupt the unimprinted mind of a newly born baby and use that baby as a host body. When they’ve aged into a more useful body for an undead sorcerer like to capture the “possession” begins and the child dies as it’s mind is completely corrupted by the implanted “Seed” when the boy was an infant. The life force of the boy who’d been “seeded” as an infant is drawn into that seed which is buried along with the boy’s corpse. Several gallons of virgin blood sacrifices later the seed is ready to form a new host body for the undead sorcerer should his shell deteriorate he has a new body to inhabit; maintaining a supply of “seeds” is critical for a Sorcerer’s immortality.