Undead Nazis speak out against the current Nazi Resurgence.

Undead Nazis feel that their legacy of exterminating jews and ruthlessly dominating the world is unfairly being watered down by the “Alt-Right’s ineffective Tiki Torch carrying cucks.” They consider the comparison of their world dominating military regime to ineffective losers in Khaki pants carrying Tiki Torches complaining about their diminished “privilege” and making idiotic chants like “Jews will not replace us” a discredit to their legacy.

Paranoid Echo Chamber investigators  have gone over the details of the Charlottesville Nazi Parade and confirmed that the organizing leaders were Reptilians involved in the Alt. Rept. movement. These low life individuals have been working with the Illuminati Media making sure the haunting picture of the khaki lad neo Nazis gathering under Citronella Torchlight was immediately sent to the Illuminati press. While the Illuminati Media claims to hate the Alt Right, they can’t stop highlighting these self proclaimed racists in the news. Which is giving themA Alt Right essentially millions of dollars of free press, just like they gave Reptonald Trump during his campaign.

Most reasonable people would agree that removing publicly displayed symbols of slavery is a good thing, but the Alt-Right Neo Nazis out there have decided to “fight back.” The WMV or White Male Victim is a growing phenomenon where White Males feel threatened by their perceived “public intolerance”(a concept they introduced long ago) and are now banding together in Citronella Torch Mobs to “fight back for white rights.” Nobody’s quite sure exactly what is wrong with these idiots, but some people are taking them seriously despite their pathetic demeanor.


The Undead Nazi Anti-Defamation League known as “The Undead Nazi Party of 1945” decided that Paranoid Echo Chamber was a safe environment for a press release because they consider it a slanted, questionably Gaslighting digital media platform. The only reason we accepted the Undead Nazi PR Firm’s request was the healthy donation they made to our Patreon Page –  25 bitcoins or upwards of 100,000 USD$. We feel that the Undead Nazis simply want to defend their legacy, as horrible and immoral as it was – they deserve a chance to set the record straight. After all, we are nothing if not guardians of truth at Paranoid Echo Chamber.

The Undead Nazis feel that regardless of how right or wrong they may have been they worked hard to build a reputation and whether you love them or hate them they deserve their place in history. Since WWII most Nazis that were rich enough to be inducted into the undead ironically now work alongside many jews on the Council of Undead World Business Leaders. Many prominent Undead Nazis now have a seat at the council and are just as ruthless in business today as they were in exterminating Jewish people decades ago. While some protested, the council eventually saw the merits of the Nazis excellent bookkeeping and true financial talent.

The Council of Undead World Business Leaders have been in control of the world economy since it’s inception thousands of years ago. When Adam Smith was alive he called them out directly referring to them as “The Invisible Hand” that controls the world economy.The world’s most powerful dead people, including Gandhi (he left his vow of poverty upon death), Warren Buffett, Adam Smith former Council Critic and author of “The Wealth of Nations”, as well as the richest man in the world Vladimir Putin, former richest man in the world Musa Keita I and Alien turned Silicon Valley Wonderkid Mark Zukaborg.

After you die, lose your soul where only your brain remains, you also lose the animalistic qualities that color your judgement negatively. Most undead Jews and undead Nazis still hate one another but are content to compete in the boardroom instead of on the battlefield. Influencing the global economy is hard work, and needless bloodshed gets in the way of quarterly earnings reports. In some ways Undead Nazis and Undead Jews working together is proof that Capitalism isn’t so bad after all because it forces cooperation through interdependency.

Undead Jews and Undead Nazis may still hate one another but they all agreed that comparing these tiki torch losers to real Nazis is also disrespectful to both dead Jews and Nazis . They don’t want future generations thinking their ancestors were nearly extinguished by a bunch of angry nerds with tiki torches. That is why they traded in some of their infamous “Nazi Gold” for BitCoin so they could release the following press report below:


The Undead Nazis had this to say:

“To whom it may concern:

Even though these people identify as us, we want you to know that the Undead Nazi Party of 1945 officially disavows these khaki polo shirt wearing cucks, and if they call themselves Nazis – they do so against our wishes. While we may have been murderous even genocidal, we always had style and grace that these losers clearly know nothing about. If you must call them Nazis, please at least use the Neo prefix so we can distance ourselves from these losers.

The Undead Nazi Party of 1945″