Reptonald & on hackers: "nothing is safe!"

The Illuminati have had their hand in controlling the media, while the Reptilians traditionally go for politics or finance (to satisfy their need for social control & arbitrary hierarchy.) Given POETUS Reptonald's stance on computers, and his Council backing, experts predicted his stance on Russia. Even a child could understand the scenario; if Reptonald did in fact use Russian Hackers to help him come into office then he would be obligated to protect them. By casting doubt on every computer everywhere (can't trust em, don't know it's hacking or not) Donald may be subconsciously reading aloud the Paranoid Echo Chamber motto. If you can't trust anything, trust everything to be untrustworthy.

Are claims that Putin is a Troll accurate?

No, Trolls are strictly council controlled and are heavily monitored under the Siberian caves they have been forced to. Many assume that Putin is Troll, but in fact Putin is vampiric. The Council have controlled Russia since the days of the Tsars, and Trolls have always been under control of the council. Trolls spend their time in caves, giving them plenty of time for cyber harassment. While many link the root of "fake news" or misinformation and echo chambers. Our shareholders feel the need to separate fake news echo chambers to paranoid echo chamber; they spread misinformation for a purpose, we at paranoid echo chamber review all news with the potential to be true.

Do the "things" Trump "knows" warns about computers true?

Just because Reptonald cast an aspersion on computers as a whole to potentially cover his tracks, doesn't necessarily mean he is wrong. Just because we believe in the mantra of "Is it Safe?" doesn't mean we are cutting Reptonald a break with his character attack on the computer.  Cyber Security experts have been warning us for a long time just how wide open security on the internet is, perhaps Trump is just parroting his experts as he's known to do. Like many things in life, cyber security all boils down to time and resources. If you have the time and resources, you can better your chances of avoiding a cyber security attack. If you have time and resources that surpass your opponent, you better the chances of successfully completing a cyber attack.

Is it safe?

It is not our goal to scare the masses, we only wish to cast a critical lens on the perceived complacency of the world. You must stay paranoid, your paranoia will always keep you safe.