war addicts

Every addict knows how hard it can be to quit something you love, war addicts are no different.  Unfortunately for them, a lot of the old combatants are either allies or not interested fighting openly. It didn’t take long for the Illuminati to cook up new less definable wars post-Vietnam: like the war on “terror” and “drug” and Fox News favorite “War on Christmas.”

To get the public on board with joining a war, it usually takes a grand terrifying spectacle like innocent people being unjustly murdered. The terror is then continually replayed, cemented and exacerbated by media replaying the terrifying imagery to burn the trauma into the public’s psyche.

The Gulf of Tonkin, Sinking of Lusitania, Bombing of Pearl Harbor and 9/11 were all used to steer public opinion towards war. Some hypothesize that these events could be false flag attacks, but even assuming they weren’t, it’s undeniable that they were used to steer public consciousness towards war.

However the method, in the long term war addicts like the Council reap massive profits from funding war and see war as an opportunity to cash in and “shuffle the deck of power”. Much like how the US soared into the economic superpower it is today on the backs of a shattered Europe post WW2. Traditional wars are incredibly expensive and financed four ways: taxation, domestic debt, external extraction, and printing. Each method of funding eventually brings massive profit to the mongers usually at the expense of the public’s good. The old business model was great, but it just no longer is working – so they found a broader enemy to wage war on: ideas.

Unfortunately for the war addicts, technology has moved warfare between threats of nuclear war between superpowers into a less theatrical realm (a war of keyboards and malware. It’s hard to make a convincing spectacle showing only malware infected on systems the public doesn’t even know about. The war addicts have always found creative solutions to creating wars. With Nuclear proliferation taking global war off the table, warfare has evolved.

It’s impossible to “kill” undefinable broad concepts like terror or drugs. You could argue the majority of terrorizing and drug dealing are done legally by news corporations and pharmaceutical corporations. This undefinable, unending war on concepts is perennial and doesn’t require nearly the same amount of conspiracy or effort to enact.

The public has been bombarded with “terror” on the media, does that mean we should be bombing the newspapers and blogs to stop terror? Seeing as terror is completely undefinable due to its subjective nature so theoretically, the war on terror could keep going forever. As long as we kept redefining what terror meant no matter how peaceful the world became, it would never end.

The word drug could mean everything from cocaine to aspirin to coffee it’s pretty safe to assume that the war on drugs will not be ending anytime soon. If we actually cared about stopping the war on drugs we would stop prescribing opiates, amphetamines and all the other toxic garbage the healthcare cabal has poisoned the public with. For any meaningful conversation on “the war on drugs” we should address the behemoth in the room.

What will the next “war on” be? War on Information, War on Crypto, War on AI? Maybe just a classical war with North Korea? Unfortunately for the war addicts until a really great new spectacle happens they’ll just have to keep milking the small stuff; skirmishes in the Middle East, then the concept-wars like the war on “terror” and “drugs.

Let’s hope these war addicts get the help they need in time and don’t destroy the world in the process.