Do you feel that the earth is rapidly coming to an end? Fortunately for you, it’s not just all in your head. There are groups of powerful people that make it their job to make sure you feel that way. Panicked people panic themselves further with the debilitating thought that the earth is irreparably doomed. Once you accept those debilitating thoughts into your mind you become easy prey for “the man” to exploit your mental weakness against you. The ocean may be rising, fires may be raging, and things may “seem” to be getting worse.

Be honest with yourself though, do you REALLY believe that humanity is doomed deep down? If you answered yes, you are most likely the victim of “debilitating thoughts.” Once you’ve been debilitated mentally, you stop questioning your surroundings and become susceptible to influence and persuasion by the powerful. After you’ve internalized their lies they can push their lies and shitty products to you unopposed. It’s easier to lie to someone who is scared and confused than one who is confident and well informed. Paranoid Echo Chamberers are well protected from Illuminati mind control having broken their chain of lies and know better than to adopt a toxic narrative into their psyche.

Obsessing and complaining about things you can’t control like climate change, politics, sports, religion is a humongous waste of your time and energy. Accepting challenging negative thoughts as truth is toxic to your ‘personal power.’ You do not control your surroundings, you only can control your response to your surroundings. It’s your choice to compose your worldview however you want, you can make mountains out of molehills or molehills into mountains with the power of thought alone. There have always been despots, dictators, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes and more: that doesn’t mean you have to ruin your quality of life over it.

Is the glass half full or half empty? Is the ocean rising to humanities unquestionable demise, or are you anxiously awaiting your future life under the sea or in floating cloud cities? The ability to “shape your narrative” is a powerful tool accessible to anyone who chooses to try it. Does that mean that Paranoid Echo Chamberers refuse to accept reality on reality’s terms, turning a blind eye to the ugliness in the world? Not at all. The world always was and always will be a simultaneously great and awful place. It’s very stupid to think it’s one or the other, there will always be good AND evil – yin AND yang. Not Ying or Yang.

Your response to negative situations speaks volume of your character, you have the ability to choose how you respond. You can choose to ignore the latest round of idiotic memes, fake headlines, and focus on what’s really going on: like the Reptilian scum out to drain your vital fluids. They want your vitality stripped from your body, your critical thinking removed so you will be powerless to their lies.


So how can you fight back to regain control of your own mind? Stop focusing on the dog and pony show, start focusing on the reptilian mind control. They want your brain gone, they want you pissed off, unable to think like reactionary bees in a hive predictably falling in line whenever they swat at you. If you’re tired of feeling powerless, it’s as simple as rewriting your narrative and reading Paranoid Echo Chamber.

The reason that nobody questions their lies isn’t that the powers that be are such skilled liars, it’s that they control the narrative. It’s much easier to believe everything that they’re saying if everyone is saying it. If everything you know is a lie, how would you know the truth if you heard it? People will always believe “the big lie” over the smaller more familiar lie.

debilitating thought

If you want to change your life for the better, but can’t seem to “shake it” ask yourself this: why do I believe them, why do I believe these crazy thoughts? What reason do you have to believe that what they say or you think is true? Why, Why and Why again? If you can’t see the “invisible hand” of Reptilians, Illuminati and Council of Undead World Business Leaders all profiting off your debilitating thoughts, confused broken mental state, you need to read more Paranoid Echo Chamber. The answer always lies within the chamber. Everything you need to live an unlocked, fulfilled perfect life lies within this URL.

You will see that the world is precisely what you make of it. Once you open your eyes to start questioning everything around you, things will stop seeming so confusing and scary. Once your mind can accept that it’s equally as possible that Reptilians are out to get you, you’ll be free of their mental prison. You may also resent yourself for being your own jailer for being so many years, but that resentment is going to lead to increased odds of recidivism back to the mental prison. If all of this feels like Tony Robbins self-help psychobabble, just know that’s a natural part of your mind clinging on to what little control it has over you. Most people deep down just want to be free from suffering, yet despite all their efforts the end to their suffering never comes. You may think that by having a safe life, a safe job, safe food in your safe fridge all of that will protect you and make you safe.

You own your brain, not the other way around. If you want your brain to shut up and do what the fuck you want it to do, you just have to radically change your thoughts, beliefs and spirit to cultivate the discipline to make sure you do more than just seek change with no followthrough. The truth of the matter is it really doesn’t matter if the world is actually going to end or not. You will die no matter what either way, everyone born dies eventually (except for Mike Pence). You can’t control life or death but you can control how you have the power to choose to react to things in life. If that doesn’t seem achievable, you are clearly under Reptilian mind control and would benefit from Paranoid Echo Chamber Anti-Mind Control Pills.