Is the King of Social Media really an alien outcast?

It’s a well known fact in the paranoid community that Mark Zuckerberg AKA Zukaborg is an alien from a distant alien planet Borgia. Zukaborg was by no means was he considered a man of influence on his home planet. In fact reports say he was what we on earth might consider a “loser.” Zukaborg would waste his days on Faceborg, the top social media platform for all Borgians. Like social media on earth, overuse of Faceborg caused him to lose sight of reality. His love of this digital social sphere is what propelled his madness, and forced him off his home planet in search of new civilizations.

Zukaborgs journey to earth.

Upon reaching Earth, Zukaborg decided to reclaim his wasted teenage and college career. He found a computer prodigy named Mark Zuckerberg through various coding websites, abducted and cloned him. He implanted his digital consciousness or “ghost” in the shell clone body of Mark Zuckerberg. After successfully assimilating into his newfound human life he was able to work on his copy of faceborg. After launching the site, dropping out of Harvard he began the journey to becoming the 6th worlds richest “man.” Zukaborg sees his newfound success on earth as payback to all those who cruelly forced him off his home planet in search of new opportunities.

What’s next for Zukaborg and Facebook?

Facebook is often updating it’s interface, purchasing new companies such as Occulus and Instagram. While many see that the future of social media is stepping away from platforms like Facebook and more fast paced , more private and “fun” platforms such as snapchat Zukaborg is resistant to change. Reportedly furious at Snapchat, Zukaborg may be planning a hostile takeover, if not mass scale cyberattack to take down the young company. Reportedly Snapchat CEO has had tough words of exchange and the two are battling over the crown of social media. Aside from hostile takeovers and corporate sabotage, he’s also working on a new AI assistant voiced by Morgan Freeman. While claiming to be “harmless home automation” many paranoid insiders fear that he is creating the world’s smoothest voiced robotic killing machine.

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